Internships Abroad

Internship programs offer students the opportunity to get some hands-on experience and build their resumes while overseas. Internships are generally facilitated by an affiliate provider, who acts as a liaison between the student and the company providing the internship. The provider also assists throughout the pre-departure process, sets up housing abroad, and offers on-site services and support. Most internship opportunities are during the summer, although it is possible to intern abroad during the fall or spring semester.

Internship Program Types

There are a variety of internship opportunities available to students. Students will work with an affiliate provider, or a third-party organization that will provide custom placement with a company abroad. In some cases, UNC Charlotte Education Abroad (EA) already has an established relationship with the affiliate provider and has the program listed in our database. Some students may find a provider that offers internships abroad that is not in our database and may still be able to apply for that program.

Internship Through Affiliate Provider

Many affiliate providers that support study abroad programs offer a wide range of experiential learning opportunities as part of the academic program, including internships and service learning opportunities. The provider typically offers the choice of whether or not credit will be awarded, and if so, an official transcript is issued through a school of record based in the U.S.

Independent Internship (No Credit)

In some cases students may find an international internship that is not part of a study abroad program, but stands alone as an international work experience. The sponsoring provider may or may not be able to offer credit for the internship. Students completing a non-credit internship abroad need to complete a travel registration.

Cost structure

Before reviewing the costs specifically associated with Internship programs, students should familiarize themselves with the Costs to Consider and Financial Planning sections of EA website. Students are encouraged to complete a Cost Estimate Worksheet for their chosen program. Cost Estimate Worksheets are provided in EA application and provide a list all of the expenses paid to EA along with estimated costs for anticipated expenses not billed by EA.

Credited Internship Program Costs

Payable to:Expense
Paid to EA– Application fee and deposit
– Remainder of study abroad administrative fee
– International health insurance *Students participating in non-credit internships will have a different fee structure. Visit the travel registration page for more information.
Paid to the Affiliate Provider– Application fee
– Program fee
Other Costs to Consider– Housing (if not included in program fee)
– Meals
– Flight
– In-country transportation
– Passport
– Visa or immigration document
– Books and supplies
– Personal expenses
– Personal travel
– Travel insurance
– Medical and emergency funds

Internship Program Cost Structure

Academic Credit

Students should reference the Can I Get Credit? and Earning Credit Abroad sections of EA website to understand how credit works on study abroad programs and academic policies. Students participating in an internship volunteer opportunity or other experiential learning opportunity can obtain credit for their program in several different ways.

Application Process

First visit the How to Apply section of EA website to learn more about the steps to applying for a study abroad program. The first step to applying is completing the Study Abroad 101 requirement. After completing the 101 students should request access to an application by filling out EA Application Request form. Students applying for an internship program will need to complete two applications. The first step will be to complete EA application in order to receive approval to go abroad. The second step will be to complete a supplemental application for the provider in order to receive official acceptance into the program.

EA Application Review and Approval Process

First, EA will determine if the student meets the general eligibility requirements for study abroad as well as any program specific eligibility requirements. After the application deadline passes, EA will review and evaluate all application components to see if the student can be approved to participate in the program. If the application has been approved by EA, the student will then be notified via email 2-3 weeks after submission.

Internship Provider Application

Students should begin their provider application after meeting with an EA advisor and beginning their EA Application. It is the student’s responsibility to go to the internship provider’s website and follow the applicable application instructions in order to complete the required application.

Please note: approval by EA and acceptance by the Internship Provider is not guaranteed. The provider application will likely require a non-refundable application fee so students should ensure they meet EA eligibility requirements before finalizing an application or submitting any fees to the provider.