Financial Planning

Students are encouraged to begin financially planning for their international experience during the research stage. Before selecting a program, students should have firm understanding of the costs to consider for their program and their financial resources, including financial aid and scholarship options. Then it is time to make a financial plan for the selected program.

Cost Estimate Worksheets

A Cost Estimate Worksheet (CEW) is a form that many students are required to complete as part of their study abroad application. Completing the CEW in advance will ensure that students thoroughly understand the costs associated with a particular program and can then plan for financial resources to pay for the program. EA has provided worksheets for Exchange, Direct Enrollment, Affiliate, and Travel Registration program types. Faculty-Led program participants should consult the budget sheet on their faculty-led program brochure page.

Exchange Programs

Cost Estimate Worksheets for UNC Charlotte and Statewide Exchanges can be found on each program brochure in EA database. Visit the Money Matters section of your program to download the CEW for your chosen program.

ISEP Exchange Programs

This Cost Estimate Worksheet provided is applicable to any ISEP Exchange. However, the “miscellaneous costs” section will vary greatly depending on the cost of living and if additional costs are required by the host university.

Affiliate Provider or Direct Enrollment

Students will need to reference the affiliate provider or host institution’s program page to gather the relevant information to complete the Cost Estimate Worksheet.

Individual Travel Registrations

Students completing an Individual Travel Registration are responsible for understanding the costs of their program. Utilize the provided worksheet to financially plan for your program.

How to Complete a Cost Estimate Worksheet

  1. Download the appropriate “Cost Estimate Worksheet” excel spreadsheet according to the program type you are applying for
    1. If you are filling out an Affiliate Provider/Direct Enroll Cost Estimate Worksheet, watch this video to learn how to fill out the information.
  2. Enter your name and program information
  3. Enter applicable information in the boxes
  4. Save the completed excel file as “lastname_firstname” (e.g. Smith_John) and upload the file into your EA application in Excel format ONLY

Please note that students should not rely on receiving enough aid to cover the full cost of the program. Students should be prepared to have other funding resources.