Health and Safety

Study abroad is an exciting time, but it is not without challenges. Education Abroad and UNC Charlotte encourage all students to make responsible decisions about their health and safety during their time abroad. Being an informed and well-prepared traveler is a key component to a successful study abroad program. EA will also cover important health and safety considerations as part of the mandatory pre-departure orientation course all students must complete.

Health considerations

Staying healthy while abroad can usually be a seamless transition as long as you prepare well in advance and are knowledgeable about your resources ahead of time.

International Health Insurance

Any UNC Charlotte student or participant on a UNC Charlotte program abroad will be enrolled in mandatory international health insurance. This section provides information regarding the coverage, enrollment, and payment timelines, how to use the insurance abroad, and more.

Safety Considerations

The safety of our students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad is our top priority. There are many things students can do prior to departure in order to prepare as well as several precautions students can take while traveling abroad.

Alerttraveler App

AlertTraveler is an extension of the EA portal which provides you with alerts about safety and security related events near you (according to your itinerary) and contains professionally provided, up-to-date information about countries and major cities around the world.

Emergencies Abroad

Students who experience an emergency while abroad should first contact their local program contact. If it is a medical emergency first contact police or medical services, and then contact the local coordinator on the ground. Students may also contact EA during office hours, or UNC Charlotte Police after hours, who will then contact the appropriate person in EA to mitigate the crisis.