Student Health and Safety

UNC Charlotte Education Abroad (EA) takes the safety of our students traveling abroad very seriously. Our staff works hard to vet partners and programs so we are offering programming in safe locations and with extensive support services to our students on the ground. We also put students through pre-departure training and provide resources to prepare them for their study abroad experience, encourage them to do their own research, and make them aware of available resources. We hope you find this website helpful in understanding the resources available to your student as they prepare to go abroad.

Staying Safe abroad

Staying safe abroad starts with preparation. Students should practice general safety practices as well as research specific health or safety concerns for their destination. Learn more about how you can encourage your student to stay safe and healthy while abroad.

emergencies abroad

EA aims to prepare students to keep themselves safe abroad in order to avoid emergencies. However, crises happen and EA is here to support your student throughout their study abroad program. If your student experiences a crisis while abroad, please encourage them to follow our emergency protocols to get assistance.

international health insurance

All students are enrolled in international health insurance for the duration of their study abroad program. The student study abroad insurance plan is mandated by the UNC System Office and provides medical coverage and crisis support services.

alert traveler

AlertTraveler is an extension of EA portal which provides students with alerts about safety and security related events near them (according to their itinerary) and contains professionally provided, up-to-date information about countries and major cities around the world.