How Can I Find a Program?

There are a variety of program types students can choose from, and it is important to have a thorough understanding of each before making a final decision about which program is the best fit. Each program type is structured differently in terms of the application process, program length, location, cost, and overall experience. Think about what type of experience you are looking for based on your needs, interests, and goals.


Before searching for programs in the EA database, students should take the time to think about their goals for a program. Establishing goals ahead of time will help you to more easily eliminate programs that are not a good fit, and focus on a narrower offering of programs that align with your needs.

Academic Goals

Consider what courses you need to take while abroad to stay on track for your degree program while also taking some courses that interest you and help you learn about the host culture.

Personal Goals

Think about what you want out of this experience. Picking the right program for you starts with knowing yourself and what you want to achieve while abroad.

Professional Goals

Consider what skills you want to develop while abroad. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to begin building social and professional networks.


There are several different types of study abroad programs at UNC Charlotte, plus additional opportunities for internships and volunteering. It is important to note that each type of program may have different deadlines, application requirements, timelines, academic benefits, etc. Students should read their program brochure carefully to ensure they follow the directions for their specific program – don’t assume that they are all the same!


For a full list of available locations, please visit our Program Search Function. If a city or country isn’t listed, it means that we either don’t allow students to study in that location, or that there is currently not an approved program in that location. EA has a list of all approved programs in our database. Students should use the Program Search Function to filter these approved programs based on parameters such as term abroad, program type, location, area of study, and more.

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