Earning Credit Abroad

UNC Charlotte students who are approved to participate in a program abroad that administers academic credit will receive UNC Charlotte equivalent credit (not transfer credit). This means that students can stay on track with their degree requirements and graduate on time, as long as they plan ahead and select a program that is a good academic fit!

Researching Course options

When researching study abroad programs, students should consult the UNC Charlotte course catalog and meet with their Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Director about where study abroad might fit into their degree plan. EA is not an academic department and cannot advise on course equivalencies or how courses may fulfill a degree requirement. Students are encouraged to review academic policies and tips for reviewing courses during the program selection process.

Credit equivalency Process

The academic credit equivalency process will vary depending on the program type.

Exchange, Affiliate Provider, or Direct Enroll Programs

Students participating on an Exchange program, an Affiliate Provider program, or a Direct Enroll program will need to have their courses approved by the relevant academic department in order to determine the UNC Charlotte equivalent credit. Before selecting a program, it is important that the student review the list of courses available through the host institution or affiliate provider and discuss courses of interest with an academic advisor. Each program website will provide a link to view the list of available courses. There should always be an “Academics” or “Courses” section on the study abroad program brochure.

Course Equivalency Forms

Students participating on Exchange, Affiliate Provider, Direct Enroll, and Internship programs are required to complete the course equivalency form prior to departure in order to ensure that the student is making academic progress while abroad and understands how their credit will return to UNC Charlotte. Once approved to study abroad, students will be given access to the form and detailed instructions for completing it. Once this form is completed, students will know the exact UNC Charlotte credit they will receive for the international course. Ultimately the Department Chair of the corresponding academic department or Graduate Program Director at UNC Charlotte will have the final say on what UNC Charlotte equivalent courses can be assigned to any courses taken abroad. Students are eligible to begin completing their Course Equivalency Form as soon as they receive approval to study abroad.

Faculty-Led Programs

Courses offered on Faculty-Led programs have been proposed by faculty from UNC Charlotte and approved by academic departments. In most cases, it is not necessary to secure a course approval as each program will list the exact pre-approved UNC Charlotte course(s) that will be offered. The courses taught on each program will be listed on the online brochure under the Academics tab. All students are required to receive credit for participating on a faculty-led program – it is not possible to audit the course and students cannot not opt out of the credit while participating on the program.