Costs to Consider

UNC Charlotte Education Abroad (EA) has compiled a list of general expenses commonly associated with studying abroad, however expenses will vary per program. Students can find specific costs on the online program brochure for their program. For information on how students will be billed for their study abroad program, please review our Financial Planning page.

Application fee

In order for students to submit an application with EA, there is a required, non-refundable application fee. Some programs also require a deposit (along with the application fee) at the time of application. This payment will be noted as an Application Fee and Deposit, and will be in the amount of $135.00, and includes the $10.00 app fee. The deposit portion ($125.00) is applied toward EA Study Abroad Administration Fee (see next section).

Application FeeApplicable to
$10.00All students

Study abroad administrative fee

Any student who travels abroad through a UNC Charlotte program seeking academic credit is charged the Study Abroad Administrative Fee. This fee goes towards EA services that are provided before, during, and after the program. Note that for students participating on Faculty-Led programs, this fee is included in the total Program Fee (see program payments below). For all other program types, this fee is charged in EA Portal within the student’s application.

Administrative FeeApplicable to
$600.00Summer and Semester students*
$400.00Spring Break and Fall Break students

*This fee is per semester. Students who study abroad for an Academic or Calendar Year will be required to pay this fee twice.

International health insurance fee

Any student that travels abroad under the auspices of UNC Charlotte will be enrolled in the mandatory study abroad health insurance plan through GeoBlue. This insurance is a requirement set by the UNC System and cannot be waived. The daily rate below is not set by EA and is subject to change. EA will enroll students in this health insurance for the duration of their program. If students are traveling abroad before or after their program, they are able to extend their insurance coverage directly through GeoBlue. EA does not enroll students in insurance for personal travel outside of their official program dates. Learn more about GeoBlue International Health Insurance in our Health & Safety section.

Health Insurance FeeApplicable to
$1.46/dayMost students
$1.60/dayUnlimited plan required for Spanish visa requirements

Late Fee

Students who request access to an application after EA’s application deadlines will be charged a non-refundable late fee. This payment will be added to the Application Fee and Deposit ($135) for a total fee due at time of application of $185. This late fee is charged regardless of whether the host institution or provider is still accepting applications. EA deadlines are set to ensure the student has gone through Pre-Departure process as well as to provide EA with sufficient time to prepare administratively for the student’s program.

Application Late FeeApplicable to
$50.00Exchange, Affiliate, & Direct Enroll students

program payments

Some students may have additional program payments that are paid to EA, a third-party provider, and/or a host university. Program payments vary per program, but may include tuition, accommodation, meals, excursions, transportation, etc. It’s important to view the specific costs associated with each program to know what is and what is not included in the cost of the program.

Program PaymentsApplicable to
Vary per programAll students

UNC charlotte tuition & fees

Some students will be submitting payment to UNC Charlotte for the cost of full-time tuition and fees (according to their residency) for the semester(s) they are abroad, instead of paying tuition costs to the host university.

Tuition & FeesApplicable to
UNC Charlotte Tuition & FeesExchange and Embedded Faculty-Led students

unc charlotte housing, meal plan, & stipend

As part of an ISEP program, students are required to pay for housing, meals, and a stipend through UNC Charlotte, and not at their host university abroad. Students will submit payment to UNC Charlotte Education Abroad for the average cost of housing and the average cost of a meal plan here at UNC Charlotte. The stipend assists the international student studying at UNC Charlotte (the international student that the UNC Charlotte student is “swapping” places with) on days when UNC Charlotte dining services are closed.

Housing*Meal Plan*Stipend*Applicable to
$4,435.00/semester$2,379.00/semester$150.00 (Fall Semester), $270.00 (Spring Semester), $450.00(Academic Year)ISEP students

*The housing cost, meal plan, and the stipend fees can change yearly. The amounts listed above are the rates for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.


Not every expense listed will be relevant to every student; however these expenses should be researched to determine whether or not they apply to the program of interest, and if so, when they will need to be paid. This is an important part of the planning process and should be done before the student commits to a program. For students who plan to use financial aid, it is important to note that some expenses must be paid out of pocket before you receive any financial aid funding.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Airfare
  • Housing, meals, and transportation in the student’s host country
  • Exchange rates and cost of living in the student’s host country
  • Out of pocket medical expenses
  • Vaccinations
  • Personal expenses