How to Apply

UNC Charlotte Education Abroad (EA) is here to guide students through the application process. All students who plan to study, intern, or volunteer abroad are required to apply to EA for approval to participate. Students who are interested in beginning the application process can refer to the four steps below.


All UNC Charlotte students are required to complete Study Abroad 101. This step must be completed before a student can meet with an advisor or open an application. Non-UNCC students are not required to complete this step.

Students who have already completed 101 can move on to step 2.

Begin Study Abroad 101 


After completing 101, students will have a good understanding of the different program typeswhat to consider when selecting a program, how academic credit works, and how to search for approved programs in the EA's program database. Students who have already completed 101 and have identified a program they want to apply for can go to step 3 to determine whether or not an appointment with an Advisor is required. 

If you know which program you intend to apply to, please move on to step 3, if required, or step 4. 

Research Program Options 


Meeting with an advisor in EA may be required before a student can request access to an application. Refer to the chart below to see whether or not a meeting is required, based on the program type you're interested in applying for. If you're unsure of the program type, head back to Study Abroad 101 to learn more.

If you have already completed Study Abroad 101, have met one-on-one with an Advisor in Education Abroad, if required, and know which program you want to apply for, please move on to step 4.

Program Type Meeting Required?
ExchangeAffiliateDirect Enrollment Semester Programs Yes
Faculty-ledInternational Travel RegistrationSemester in Spain No
AffiliateDirect Enrollment Summer Programs No, Optional

Meet with an Advisor 


Once a student has selected the program they would like to apply to, they will need to request access to the application via an online Google Form. As a reminder, only students who have completed Study Abroad 101 and who have met with with an advisor (if required) will be given access to an application. Please allow up to two business days for the application request to be granted. Students will be sent an email once the application has been created.

Application Request Form 


EA Application Deadlines

EA application deadlines will be at the beginning of the semester before the term of travel. Submitting the EA application as soon as possible is in students' best interest. 

EA Application Deadlines

Additional Application

Depending on the program type, there may be another application students need to complete in addition to submitting an application to Education Abroad.

Program Types