Travel and Life Abroad

Traveling is, of course, a huge component of the study abroad process. Preparation is key when traveling abroad, and just getting to the host country is only the beginning of the study abroad journey. Students need to prepare for both the logistics of travel and for how navigating a new culture will impact them personally.

Passports and visas

All students need a valid passport in order to travel internationally. A passport is a government issued document that certifies a traveler’s identity and citizenship allowing them to travel overseas. In addition to having a valid passport, some students may also need to apply for a visa or other immigration document. Visas and immigration documents are issued by a host country’s government and give permission to the student to live and study in the host country for a given amount of time.

travel logistics

In most cases, each student will be responsible for purchasing their flight and arranging their travel to the host country. Knowing when to book the flight and things to consider before doing so is important to know in advance.

cultural considerations

Having the opportunity to be immersed in another culture is the best part about studying abroad. Learning another culture and what they value can be an eye opening experience. While there can be challenges in adapting to a new lifestyle at first, it typically ends up being the most rewarding part of the program. Preparing for cultural differences in advance will help with the transition process once abroad.