Affiliate Provider Ambassadors

Our UNC Charlotte students who participated in an Affiliate Provider Program often have the opportunity to apply to their affiliate provider for an internship or ambassador position up return to the U.S. These positions are typically aimed to promote study abroad & the affiliate provider offerings at UNC Charlotte.

Affiliate Provider Ambassador Programs

Affiliate Provider Ambassador Registration

All UNC Charlotte students who have received an affiliate provider internship or ambassador position and will be promoting study abroad at UNC Charlotte are required to register with the Office of Education Abroad.

Click here to register

  • Click “Apply Now”
  • Choose term you’re applying for
  • Log in with your NinerNet credentials
  • Complete registration by deadline (please contact OEA to request application deadline if necessary)

Note: Only students who participated in approved affiliate program programs are eligible to register with OEA. Please note that this registration is simply to notify OEA that you have received a position with an affiliate provider. OEA does not facilitate affiliate provider internship or ambassador programs.

Benefits of Registering

  • Attend Peer Advisor orientation & training
  • Attend Peer Advisor monthly meetings (receive updates on campus events, additional training, etc.)
  • Receive OEA materials & brochures
  • Be featured on OEA website & social media
  • Have access to OEA staff for co-sponsored events, mentoring, etc.
  • Potentially receive access to funding for on-campus promotional events