Manage an Existing Program

Between designing a program, managing students, and teaching courses, leading a faculty-led program can seem a little overwhelming. The good news is that UNC Charlotte Education Abroad (EA) is here to support faculty directors through the entire process. This page provides an overview of the resources EA offers for every step of faculty-led programs. Having a general understanding of these resources will help faculty leaders develop and lead a fulfilling and engaging study abroad experience for their students.

Faculty Director Workshops

EA offers several workshops throughout the program development and implementation process in order to relay necessary information to Faculty Directors leading programs. Faculty are highly encouraged to participate in the workshops each year they lead a program in order to stay up to date on process and policy changes. The Program Development Workshop is for faculty interested in developing a new program for a future cycle. All other workshops are for current faculty directors who have already proposed a program for the current academic year.

Marketing Your Program

Recruitment is a vital step in running a short term program. It takes time and effort to reach students, get them to apply for the program, and follow through with a commitment. Once a program is launched it is time to start marketing. EA provides guidance to Faculty Directors on marketing and how to recruit for their program.

Implementing Your Program

Once your program has been approved to run, it’s time to start preparing for departure. There are several steps and tasks that need to be completed in order to set up the academics and logistics of a program.

Risk Management

Faculty Directors serve as the primary liaison on the ground when mitigating risk and addressing emergencies. EA is here to support faculty who are leading programs, but preparation and awareness of protocols is key to keeping program participants safe while abroad.

Return and Renewing Your Program

Once a program is over EA will be in touch with faculty about next steps to wrap up their program finances, debrief the experience, and submit grades. Then it is time to start planning for next year! Programs must be proposed and approved each year, but after a program runs once, the proposal process is easier the next time. Review the proposal process and deadline information on the Propose a Program page and then submit your proposal when ready.