Program Withdrawal Policies

Any student intending to withdraw from a study abroad program must notify UNC Charlotte Education Abroad in writing to indicate their intention to withdraw. Before writing EA, it is recommended that students review the withdrawal policies below, which vary per program type.

Faculty-Led Programs Withdrawal Policy

UNC Charlotte Education Abroad makes every attempt to create meaningful and affordable study abroad programs for students. When you confirm your intent to participate in a program by submitting an application fee and deposit, the Education Abroad office begins to make financial commitments on your behalf, both administratively on campus and also to our international partners. Therefore, it is our policy that if a student withdraws from a study abroad program, the application fee and initial deposit are non-refundable. With this in mind, please review the full program description and costs thoroughly, and consider carefully whether you are prepared to commit to an Education Abroad program before submitting your application fee and deposit.

If you withdraw after making subsequent program payments, UNC Charlotte may consider a partial or full refund of such payments for committed expenditures (not including non-refundable application fee and deposit) made on your behalf, to the extent such funds are recoverable from our partners/providers. Partial or full refunds of subsequent payments are not guaranteed upon withdrawal. Requests for such refunds must be made in writing to UNC Charlotte Education Abroad no later than 30 days prior to program start date (the day the program leaves Charlotte). For emergency withdrawals within 30 days prior to the program start date or during the program, refunds in any amount are highly unlikely. Please note that in some cases, refund amounts may not be known until sometime after the program’s end date.

Students who participate in a program but who choose not to participate in a particular activity for which they have paid in advance, whether that activity is mandatory or non-mandatory to the program (e.g. field trip, excursions, cultural event, etc.), will not be refunded any portion of that activity cost.

Exchange, Affiliate, & Direct Enroll Withdrawal Policy

Should a student wish to withdraw their application from an Exchange, an Affiliate Provider or a Direct Enrollment program, they are required to email EA at to cancel in writing (via email) and are responsible for alerting any other entity applicable (e.g. ISEP, affiliate provider, host university, etc.). Students who choose to withdraw their application or to not participate in the study abroad program without notification may be subject to the following cancellation fees:

  • 61 days or more from the program start date:
    • A cancellation fee of $25 will be applied
    • The study abroad administration fee will be refunded minus the cancellation fee
    • EA will refund the cost of the International Insurance
  • 60 days or less from the program start date
    • A cancellation fee of $100 will be applied
    • The study abroad administration fee will be refunded minus the cancellation fee
    • EA will refund the cost of the International Insurance
  • After the program start date:
    • No refund after the start of the program
    • Students will only receive a refund for the cost of the International Insurance if funds are recoverable based on the adjusted dates

Travel Registration Cancellation Refund Policy

Students who have registered with EA for international travel (either individually or as part of a group) must notify EA in writing at least 30 days prior to the student’s departure date for a full refund. A cancellation fee of $50 plus any non-recoverable funds exceeding $50 will apply for notifications received less than 30 days before departure.