Congratulations to Our Study Abroad Fair Grand Prize Winner!

Firstly, Education Abroad would like to warmly thank all students, volunteers, faculty members, and affiliate providers who made the 2023 Study Abroad Fair great; we hope our attendees learned a ton about our programs, and EA is always here to answer any additional questions you might have!

With that being said, we want to give a cheery congratulations to Gabby Crentsil, the winner of the 2023 Study Abroad Fair Grand Prize; as the winner, Gabby will receive a waived study abroad administrative fee toward a program of her choice ($400-600 in value)!

Gabby is Ghanaian, and she loves traveling and exploring the world. She is currently studying Management Information Systems with a minor in Software Development; she hopes to study abroad in Ghana in the Summer 2024 term. 

If you see Gabby on campus, please extend our congratulations to her in person. We’re so proud of the students who make Niner Nation an incredible community!